Onix is a non-profit education and culture exchange foundation, non-governmental organization that is committed to the promotion and implementation of educational exchanges in Argentina and abroad. The institution is located in downtown Córdoba and was founded in 2005 to promote intercultural learning experiences and bring global cultures together where participants develop new skills and gain a broader perspective on the world.
Onix is committed to providing the best comprehensive study abroad experience possible with personal attention available to the students throughout his or her program, The mission of Onix is to transform lives by providing enriching academic and cross-cultural experiences that foster increased self-knowledge, cultural sensitivity and understanding of the global nature of our contemporary world.
Our work consists of organizing, Spanish and Culture Courses,  Latin American Studies, Long-Short Term High School Programs, Clinic Elective, Internships, Volunteering and Customized Academic Programs, as well as offering Spanish courses for foreigners in Argentina who are seeking to discover, live and learn in Argentina. 
We are committed to giving the best value in study abroad. We want the student to “live the local life”  The student will see where the locals eat, shop, hang out and learn to understand the culture in Argentina.
Through the cultural exchange experience in Argentina, students gain intercultural understanding, learn mutual respect, and develop a sense of social responsibility. Their experience in Argentina gives them leadership competencies necessary to meet the challenges and benefit from the opportunities of a fast-changing global community. 
Staying “small” as we grow

Our organization takes pride in building relationships and providing personalized attention to our student and partners worldwide. We strive to be detail oriented and to see on a daily basis how small touches can make a big difference. Our hope is that everyone who interacts with our organization feels like part of the Onix family. 

Encouraging safe practices among participants by providing detailed pre-departure information and on-site support.

By offering extensive pre-departure and on-site guidance, students can safely transition to life in a new environment. When it comes to managing personal safety on-site, We adopts a support/challenge model that seeks to provide guidance and support that is age and life-stage appropriate. For example, our programs for high school students offer the highest level of on-site support and pre-departure guidance given that students are minors. In comparison, our work and teach programs are designed for a more independent traveler.

Providing superior service.

Onix strives to provide superior service throughout the entire experience in Argentina, from the application stage to the return home, so that all Onix participants know that their opinions are valued and that it is our pleasure to address their questions. Our on-site coordinators a source of ongoing support for participants as they adjust to their host culture. Whether the question relates to academics, work culture, housing or daily life abroad, Onix strives to provide solutions, practical advice and guidance.

Remaining cost conscious to promote accessibility.

Onix is committed to providing a wide variety of affordable programs at different price points so that the Argentine experiences can be accessible to individuals from a variety of backgrounds. We take pride in providing comprehensive services while keeping our program prices among the lowest in the field. We seek to be transparent about what fees are included in our program prices 

Providing a positive work environment for our employees.

Onix is committed to sustaining a supportive and positive work environment, where employees are happy and can feel comfortable expressing their individual styles and interests. Onix staff members are committed to Onix’s mission and enjoy knowing that their work contributes to the transformation of hundred of participants each year. Onix employees, participants and partners alike benefit from Onix’s consistent leadership team, ensuring that Onix remains committed to our founding principles and mission year after year.


Head Office Address
Calle Deán Funes 826 Of. 29
Downtown Córdoba
C.P. 5.000 - Córdoba - Argentina
Tel: +54-0351-4232837

Nonprofit Organization (NPO): Onix Foundation

Foundation ID Number: 548 “A”/ 05

Federal Tax ID Number: 30-71187981-8

State tax ID number (II.BB.): 280478849

Argentina Immigration Visitor System: Officially recognized N° 8154

National Registration (C.E.N.O.C: Officially recognized N° 17.053

State of Córdoba – Department of Justice: Officially recognized 

The Financial Information Unit (UIF) Registration N° 91955




                                                              Carlos Giavay Waiss, JD 

                                                              Executive Director 

                                                              Onix Foundation 




Carlos Giavay Waiss was born in Cordoba City and is the founder of Onix Foundation, a non-profit organization working with foreign exchange students since 2005. Carlos graduated with a law degree from Cordoba University (U.N.C). He served as dean of student affairs at the law school (U.N.C.), as well as a member of The Board of Trustees of the Faculty of Law of the National University Córdoba and municipal attorney for the city of Cordoba. He has taken graduate level courses in export management and entrepreneurial development (MIB School of Management in Trieste, Italy) and several courses on Argentine culture as well as social and economic realities of contemporary Friuli organized by the University of Udine, Italy.  In his youth, Carlos lived in Anchorage, Alaska for a year as a Rotary foreign exchange student. This experience sparked his passion for intercultural exchange and international travel.

University Studies:

-National University of Córdoba -  Faculty of Law

-Università degli studi di Udine, Italy 

-MIB School of Management, Trieste – Italy  


International Scholarships            ​

-Association Ente Friuli nel Mondo

-Association Giuliani nel Mondo​

-Rotary International – Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Internships abroad

-Italian Parliament 

-Students Affairs Office - University of Udine, Italy 

-Law firm – Russell, Tesche & Wagg, Anchorage, Alaska

-Anchorage Assembly, Alaska 

-International Market MIB, Trieste – ITALY


High School                

-Steller Secondary School, Anchorage-Alaska

-West High School, Anchorage-Alaska 

-Colegio Gabriel Taborin, Córdoba-Argentina 


Rotary International                    



-Rotex (Rotary Exchange student association)


Founder of Non Profit Organizations in Córdoba          

-Law club association "Club de Derecho Córdoba"

-Onix Fondation (Argentine Culture) - (InterCambio Cultural)

-Italian-Argentinean Youth Association

-Euro Club 

Work Experience

-Executive Director of Onix Foundation (ICC)- (AC)

-Language School - Consultant for multi-cultural projects 

-Dean of Students & Alumni Affairs Office - Law School –National University of Córdoba

-Federal Administration of National Territory, Mine and Railroad 

-Municipal Attorney of Córdoba City

-Court of Auditors of the Province of Córdoba

-Law firms 

Calle Deán Funes 826 Of. 29
Zip Code 5.000 / Córdoba City – Argentina
Telephone: (+54-351) 4232837 
Mobile Phone: (+54-9-351-2381781/8109582)
Contact Person 
Director Dr. Carlos Giavay Waiss
Coordinator Carlos Andrés Alegre (Charly)
Program Assistant: Horacio Brites (Yuyin)
E-mail: info@argentineculture.org - onix ( @ ) onix.org.ar