After completing the online application form and submitting the initial application deposit (deducted from the total program fee), applicants will be directed to complete the supplemental application components. An application is not considered complete until all components are received. All programs require a cover letter, resume, one letter of reference. 



Upon receipt of the application materials, the internship program coordinator will speak with the applicant about the desired internship placement and learning and career objectives. Before forwards the application to the office for placement. We have a very high placement rate, but if for some reason we are unable to place the applicant into a suitable internship, payment will be refunded. 


Internship Placement Process

The typical placement process takes 5-8 weeks, but may take longer depending on the field of study and time of year the application is received. In most cases, the applicant will receive one internship offer that matches their applications and desired preferences to the best of our ability.  In some cases the applicant may be required to conduct a phone or Skype interview with the potential internship site. All applicants are placed with a confirmed offer prior to departing on the program.

Accepting the Internship Offer

To move on to the pre-departure process, applicants must to commit to the program by accepting their internship offer.


Admission Requirements


Application: Complete and return the application and submit all required application components.

Age: Applicants must be 18 years old by program start date.

Minimum commitment: 8 weeks.

Position: requires a minimum time commitment of 20 hours per week.

Studies and practical experience: You can participate in our Program without any theoretical or practical knowledge. Of course, if you have gained already some experience or knowledge we will gladly take this qualification into consideration when organizing your internship position.

Spanish skills:  An appropriate level of skills is necessary in order to be successfully integrated into the Argentine company and society. 

Nationality: Our programs are available to all nationalities.

Deadlines: You can register at any time and you receive your first internship offer within 5-8 weeks.


Additional Program  Details

Arrival date is Saturday or Sunday before internship begins

5 or 8 weeks until you receive your first internship offer

Individual duration and starting time

You select your preferred end date (typically minimum of 8 week placement and internship ends on a Friday)

Holidays and availability, you may need to be flexible with your program start date

Application deadline is 4 months prior to intended start date

Participants should expect the accommodation to be centrally located and easily accessible to public transportation. Each participant’s commute will vary, as internship placements are located in different areas in each location. Average commute times range from 30 minutes up to an hour. Participants will receive their confirmed housing assignment approximately three weeks prior to departure. 



Experience has shown that interns need at least 6 weeks to integrate themselves into the company. That’s why we consider internships ideal that last 2 months or longer. Depending on the area of deployment, we also have organized successful internships starting from 4 weeks but depending the type of the placement. Just tell us about your plans and we will give you an individual feedback.


Spanish Language

Only very few people speak and understand English in Argentina. Having good Spanish skills is therefore a very important prerequisite for a successful internship.  Since we organize only high quality internships, we need to guarantee to the companies that the interns dispose of the required Spanish level. Accordingly, we will take care that the intern will be able to communicate in the company and that he/she will be able to understand his/her superiors and colleagues.


Remunerated Internships

In Argentina the majority of internships offered to foreigners are unfortunately unpaid. The reason for this is that paid internships are considered to be regular work places – and those require a work visa. Applying for such a visa is not only a complicated procedure but also time and money consuming. Hence, most companies are not willing to offer paid internships to foreigners.


Compulsory internships and internship semester 

We also arrange compulsory internships and internship semesters. Since every university has specific conditions that need to be fulfilled for the acceptance of an internship, you have the possibility to indicate them in the online registration. We will consider these criteria for the search, in order to only offer you internships that meet the guidelines.

Having received an internship offer that suits you, you can present it at your university before formally accepting it.

In case of a compulsory internship it is often necessary that the university concludes frame contracts and instruction agreements with the internship company.


Internship Program in Argentina offers

Pre-departure packet

Internship placement in your target field with an Argentinean host company

Financial assistance through our Scholarship Fund 

Airport pickup upon arrival in Argentina (optional)

Cultural immersion/orientation seminar upon arrival in Córdoba

Enrollment in language course (language/internship option)

Housing in Córdoba (optional)

Internship workers compensation insurance 

Support throughout the program in Argentina and the your home country organization

Certification of work experience


Specific questions?  We are specialists for Argentina with 12 years of experience.

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