This course is designed for beginners of Spanish and it is a great way to get started in learning Spanish. The studen will be introduced to Hispanic culture and the absolute basics of the language: greetings, introducing yourself, giving personal information, time, numbers and family. This course focuses on conversational Spanish and provides audio files and notes for the student to practice at home. Our Beginners Immersion Spanish course allows the student to improve all areas of the Spanish language: grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, pronunciation, reading and writing.

This comprehensive, intensive Spanish course consists of 30 classes per week, divided into 25 intensive Spanish classes, 5 classes of culture and conversation workshops. 

Classes are taught by a native Spanish speaker with extensive experience of teaching Spanish to beginners. You will have access to lots of useful resources to help you develop confidence to communicate in Spanish.

Start Dates: 

Feb 03, 2019         May 05, 2019        Oct 06, 2019

Mar 03, 2019         Aug 04, 2019        Nov 03, 2019 

Apr 07, 2019          Sep 08, 2019        Nov 29, 2019

Spanish and Culture course

Registration fees: 75

Spanish and Culture  

30 Spanish and Culture classes per week

Price: USD 250 per week 

Accommodation Homestay half board - Private or shared Bedroom 

The accommodation is from Sunday to Saturday. 

Price: USD 210 per week 

Airport pick-up

USD 35

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Spanish courses


"Our program emphasizes what students can do with language rather than simply what they know about it"


The best way of really getting to know a new culture is by learning its language. In our schools we offer different Spanish courses fitted to all ages and skills. Either in group lessons or private lessons you'll get the hang of Español and live an exciting new adventure. Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world 


In the teaching of Spanish, our Spanish school offers you much more fun and efficiency than anything you have tried before! Because with our unique course concepts you can learn Spanish in no time and dive into the Argentine culture from the very first day on.


Intensive Spanish Course

This course helps you rapidly acquire fluency in Spanish, no matter what your ambitions and level are. Group courses allow you a high degree of interactive learning. Groups are usually between 2 and 10 students. There are different levels to ensure a certain homogeneity necessary for faster learning. In case there is only one student in the group, classes take place anyway, but the amount of hours per day is reduced from 4 to 2. More information click here.


One-to-one Spanish Classes

One-to-one classes give you the possibility to follow a course that is entirely tailored to you. In this format, one of our teachers gives individual tutoring to a student. This is a very intensive format and especially suited to students who either want to speed up the learning process or show special needs. Individual lessons also mean flexibility, personalised content and maximum student speaking time. More information click here.


What is included in the price of all our courses?

– Welcome package

- Teaching materials 
– Level test, oral and written, before starting
– Optional exams at the end of each level and at the end of your stay
– Certificate including the amount of lessons and level attained 
– Extracurricular activities (guided tours, museum visits, tango,Cultural seminars,etc.)
– Workshops, weekly or bi-weekly: Phonetics, Conversation, Narration, Audio
– Internet access 
– Hot and cold drinks
– Help in organizing trips around Argentina

- Support and Advice
– 24 hour hotline in Spanish, English, Italian and German

In order to make best use of all the productive and helpful aspects of the different Spanish teaching methods currently en vogue, We have developed an approach that selectively picks the most valuable elements of each. Our objective is to take full advantage of the different pedagogical principles for Spanish language education. This way, our methodology combines the latest strategies and methods (process and communicative approaches) with the more traditional ones that have proven to be efficient over many years (formal and functional approaches).


Our selective methodology was developed to meet the requirements of learning Spanish in an immersion context, and is based on the specifications proposed by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This comprehensive teaching method allows students to develop simultaneously and in a harmonic way all the foreign language learning skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing), together with strategic skills. This way, it facilitates the integration of the students’ different learning styles and abilities. Our experience shows that this approach is significantly enhancing our students’ progress in acquiring content and developing language skills.


Indeed, learning a language is not only about learning grammar and vocabulary, but requires students to be able to put into practise their knowledge in different real-life situations. This also motivates our choice to integrate specific cultural contents into the learning process. Communication requires knowing more than simply the structure of a language: it requires implicit knowledge of the cultural context in which interactions take place.


We offer an open and flexible teaching approach that takes into account the situation, aspirations and necessities of our students. Our aim is for students to use their Spanish with confidence in real situations (be it in a personal, public, professional or academic context). That is why we chose an integral and progressive acquisition of the language.


Our teaching plan is based on the extended European Reference Framework for learning languages. On every level, professors use a great variety of learning situations, mixing oral communication and listening comprehension using audio and video, text reading, etc. Every level has one part of its content dedicated to the social, cultural and political life in Argentina and to Argentine and Latin-American history.


Elementary Spanish I and II

Each level test allows the student to communicate in simple, predictable and touristic situations. Formulate and understand short phrases referent to the basic needing and greetings. Have a vocabulary and a minimal cultural comprehension, but enough to diary situations and necessary interactions.


Intermediary Spanish I and II

Each one of these levels allows the student handle diary and touristic situations of Elementary Spanish and crescents the Market access. It allows too improving the writing in an easy but efficient way.


Advanced Spanish I and II

Each one of these levels allows the student to conquer a satisfactory vocabulary and the ability of communicate with writing in an efficient way in a professional and academic range.


Spanish Courses FAQ´s 
If you are looking to take a group of your students on an exchange trip and need professional support to ensure it is a success?

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