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Working Effectively with Latin Americans
Business Culture

Working Effectively with Latin Americans program will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the Latin American business environment and the cultural motivations of your Latin American colleagues and partners.
Image by Ian Taylor

This course introduces participants to the main aspects of Latin American culture, with a particular focus on business culture and business etiquette.

It begins with an overview of culture in general, and challenges participants to try and spot some of their own cultural preconceptions and blind spots in order to look at intercultural communication from another angle.

Reunión de trabajo al aire libre

This course will increase your understanding of the cultural drivers and that shape Latin American business practices and help you to flex your working style to collaborate successfully on joint ventures or projects with Latin colleagues.


Understanding key values is essential when establishing partnerships and building teams in the Latin America. Ensure successful collaboration with Latin counterparts by learning more about Latin American business culture and its impact.

A Working Effectively with Latin Americans course will provide you with

Engineers at work

Greater awareness of Latin American attitudes and values which influence business culture

Greater understanding of Latin American business culture and working practices

Tostada Rápida

A better understanding of the potential challenges and solutions involved in establishing or doing business in Latin America.

Identify some of the major aspects of Latin American culture, with a particular focus on business culture and etiquette

Equipo de similing

Tips on how to motivate Latin American employees

An awareness of cultural differences and advice on dealing successfully with contrasts in working styles and social behavior between you and your Latin American colleagues.

Paseo urbano


Course Content 


Latin American culture: regional diversity, religion, beliefs and customs.

Business etiquette and cultural expectations.

Political system, corruption and geopolitical issues.

Unions and Labor, bureaucracy and public administration

Breaking down stereotypes of the Latin Americans.


Key Latin American cultural values and attitudes in the workplace. 

Interpreting and adapting to the Latin American business mindset.

Relationship makers and breakers in Latin America: achieving mutual understanding, developing rapport and appreciating business etiquette and cultural expectations.

Image by Jeffrey Eisen


Working in project teams with Latin American colleagues

Employed within an Latin American organization


 Currently living or planning to visit Latin America 

•   Taking Spanish or Latin American Courses

•  Trainers & Coaches who have international clients and would like to build rapport with their participants and coachees.

Edificios mexicanos altos


Duration: 1 week - 30 hours of classes

Visits and interview with locals, NGO, companies, politicians and leaders. 

The scholarship covers 100% of the tuition fee. 
Number of Scholarships:


Start Date:
01 August, 2022.     
End Date:
05 August, 2022.  



Age: +20

Spanish Levels: Intermediate 

Scholarhips Deadline: February 28, 2022



Each candidate must submit his/her:​

Online Application

How are scholarship recepients chosen?

Our selection committee is integrated by one member of each 3 institutions - (Euro Club de Córdoba, Club de Derecho de Córdoba y el Instituto Argentino de Cultura) 

Scholarship Winners will be Announced

Monday, March 7, 2022 /// 11:30am –12:30pm

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