Volunteer at a kindergarten and help less privileged children
Working with local 3 and 4 year-olds from Córdoba is a great way to go behind the scenes of Argentine culture. Just by interacting with the children, playing games and teaching them tidbits of Spanish, you’ll learn a great deal about Argentine family life and values. Working with kids is one of the most authentic cultural experiences you’ll ever have.  
Your role as a volunteer 
As a volunteer you'll be expected to have a predisposition to work in teams with the regular staff and international volunteers. The key to really seize the experience is to be open and to be proactive. Those qualities will be highly valued. Kids will want to know everything about you so you'll be able to share your background with them and vice versa. On this project you'll have to show all that love you have for children. 
Volunteer Tasks 
-Watch the children during working hours
-Help children with their homework and reading
-Assist with the set up and clean up of projects and snack time
-Raise vital funds for the project
-Prepare recreational activities
-Put together presentations and educational games
-Spend free time chatting and playing with the children
-Assist the teachers and other volunteers on routine tasks
-Propose new ideas to improve the day to day work at the organization
-Help preparing meals offered
-Over 18 years old
-Health insurance, accident and liability
-Commitment to the Host Organization,its rules and tasks
-Good predisposition to work with children
-Ability to adapt to different circumstances and flexibility
-Pro-activeand self-motivated
-Basic level of Spanish. Keep in mind that tasks will be assigned according to your level of Spanish
Important: Project is not available from December 10th to February 20th – 15 days in July
Onix-Intercambio Cultural Foundation  is a  non-profit organization
Accreditation in Argentina