Community Work

Placements that you find in this category will place you at the heart of the society and side by side of those who are trying to improve their social environment. Cooking in a soup-kitchen, sorting out books in the public library, weeding in the community’s kitchen gardens, doing the administration of a neighborhood center, this are a few examples where you can volunteer doing community work.
Work at a community center that assists people of all ages: children, teenagers, adults and elders. Assist on any of the many areas that this center offers: the soup kitchen, the wardrobe, with workshops or just being a friendly ear or giving advice.
Volunteer Tasks
-Peel potatoes, chop vegetables, serve diner and wash dishes
-Set up workshops 
- Teaching Math, Spanish, English, etc. 
-Organize events
-Offer friendship to the people that come to the organization and provide advice
-Assist the regular staff on routine duties
-Help on the community closet, sorting clothes and giving them to those who need it
-Helping on maintenance activities
-To listen and meet the needs of the people that come to the organization for it
Your role as a volunteer 
On this project the key is to be open to help wherever and whenever needed. To be available to address the needs of the people that assist to the organization and to help out the staff on anything they may need is essential.
-Over 18 years old
-Health insurance, accident and liability
-Commitment to the Host Organization,its rules and tasks
-Good knowledge of Spanish
-Attitude of service
-Enthusiasm for working with people of low resources
-Energy, pro-activity, creativity and a good ear are needed
-Willingness to share your time
Important: Project is not available from December 10th to February 1st– 15 days in July
Onix-Intercambio Cultural Foundation  is a  non-profit organization
Accreditation in Argentina