Fundación Onix  is a  non-profit organization
Accreditation in Argentina


Volunteer at a disabled young people project
On this project you will be working with an organization that looks after people from 18 to 35 years old that have disabilities and are not capable of taking care of themselves alone. They provide the appropriate support system so that they can bear out their condition. They provide the necessary care for people with mental retardation.
Volunteer Tasks 
-To watch out for physical and mental health of the disabled
-To assist on rehabilitation activities
-To work on maintenance activities
-To get involved with the disabled
-To spend time with them making them happier
-Raising funds for a service
-Preparation of recreational, art and sports activities
-Assisting the staff and other volunteers on routine duties
Your role as a volunteer 
On this volunteer project you'll have to work on your empathy. You need to walk on these people's shoes and try to think what would need or like if you were them. You need to listen and to spend time with them to be able to fulfill their needs. It is important for you to be perceptive and proactive.
 -Over 18 years old
 -Health insurance, accident and liability
 -Commitment to the Host Organization,its rules and tasks
 -Have skills to work with people with disabilities
 -To be creative and have an affinitty with disabled people
 -To be motivated, patient, resourceful and willing to join in a wide range of activities
 -To have skills to organize recreation events
 -An intermediate Spanish level 
Important: Project is not available from December 10th to February 20th – 15 days in July