Fundación Onix  is a  non-profit organization
Accreditation in Argentina


Our program emphasizes what students can do with language rather than simply what they know about it


Language course designed to rapidly advance your linguistic progress


The Spanish Language Program at Onix is one of the most ambitious language programs in Argentina. 


The principal goal of the entire program is to help students develop their proficiency.

As a proficiency-based program guided by the our Language Center, our program emphasizes what students can do with language rather than simply what they know about it. 


We use a full-immersion, integrated learning method. This means that you will learn Spanish 24 hours a day, in professionally conducted classes and during extra-curricular activities. Our approach is based on the idea that participating in a mix of different language situations is the most efficient way to learn a foreign language.


An amazing Spanish & Culture learning experience

Our Spanish language classes are dedicated exclusively to teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Córdoba, and have earned its name and reputation by offering a serious education.


Four weeks is the ideal period of time to get the most from your total immersion in Spanish. Four weeks allows you the time to adapt to a new environment and to deepen or refresh your knowledge of Spanish.


You’ll be able, at your own pace, to put into practice what you learn, both during the structured courses and when participating in the other activities we arrange.  You’ll have the time to find your feet, to understand Spanish better and better, to gain in confidence and to improve permanently your skill-level in the language.






An active learning experience

Since 2005 we have watched our students gain confidence and ability as they apply their new language skills to practical situations. You'll learn Spanish as you learned your native language - through practice and continuous communication.


A talented and dedicated staff dedicated exclusively to teaching Spanish

For more than 15 years we have been dedicated to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. All of our instructors are degree holders, experienced and passionate about teaching their native language. 


We have founded Onix-Intercambio Cultural in the belief that we have a special service to offer to our foreign students. All of us have worked with foreign students before, either as teachers, host families, or guides. None of us has found the kind of professional teaching, high-qualityhousing, and rich social life that we offer anywhere else in Córdoba. We believe that as a professional service provider, we must understand the particular needs of our students from all over the world and meet their demands.


You will not find a program like this in Argentina or maybe in other Spanish speaking countries, this program it is certantly the fastest way to improve your Spanish proficiency.



The school is located in downtown Córdoba and was founded in 2005 to promote intercultural learning experiences and bring global cultures together where participants develop new skills and gain a broader perspective on the world.


Onix is committed to providing the best comprehensive study experience possible with personal attention available to our students throughout his or her program,



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Córdoba City – Argentina


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Contact Person: Director

Dr. Carlos Giavay Waiss

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Contact Person: Coordinator

Carlos Andrés Alegre (Charly)

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Contact Person: Student Assistant

Horacio Brites (Yuyin)

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Language Spoken in the organization

English, Italian, Spanish.German 

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