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Accreditation in Argentina


Internships have rapidly become one of the most popular and successful methods for connecting students to their study abroad location while building their professional, personal, and intercultural competencies.

With an internship in Argentina you add an impressive extra to your CV: Gaining professional work experience while being in an international environment.  You get to know a totally different culture, which is an exciting and eye-opening experience that really changes your perspective!  And of course, there is no better way to learn Spanish than spending an unforgettable time in this beautiful country.
There are a number of reasons why you would want to intern abroad and let us help you facilitate your international work experience. Through careful program design, our internship programs encompass a number of career development and cultural resources to maximize your learning and growth.
Our internship program is comprehensive and includes all of the key services and support to enhance the intern abroad experience so that you receive the highest return on your educational investment.
The Internship Program includes the following:
-Tailored Internship Placements
-Orientation Materials and Resources
-Workplace and Culture Orientati
-Access to onsite Resident Directors 24/7
-Mobile phone
-Internship Placement Oversight
Why limit yourself to interning locally when you can choose to start building your career abroad through this exhilarating opportunity of a lifetime?
In Córdoba

Your internship placement in Córdoba, as with all of our programs, will be customized to you and your goals in your chosen field.  Check the 'Fields' to see if we arrange placements in your area of study. This exciting city is a great alternative to immerse yourself into the culture and business world of Argentina.  Our placement coordinators work with a large variety of companies and the organization you are placed with will be determined by many factors including company needs along with your education, experience and background.  You can also take language classes to improve your Spanish while interning in this exciting city so don't worry if your Spanish isn't advanced - you'll only need to have completed beginning Spanish (30 to 40 hours of Spanish).  The city also offers plenty to do outside of work, from seeing the 'Tango' danced in the streets to seeing a Football match at the local stadium.  Travel to the mountains on weekends if you are looking for some adventure or go horseback riding in the countryside.

Cultural Immersion
Domestic internships limit the chance to expand your global awareness and understanding. During your  program you will be immersed into the local cultural by living and working alongside locals. We will help you settle into your new home through our Workplace and Culture Orientation Program . You will have the opportunity to learn about the history, people, and workplace differences before you start your internship placement. This will help prepare you the enriching international professional experience ahead!  Also included in the program are local activities to explore and learn about the local culture.
Career Exploration and Cultivation
Whether you want to climb the corporate ladder, create your own start-up, work in public service, or explore any of the other career paths available, you will benefit by having a variety experiences to help discover and shape your interests and passions. Interning abroad is the perfect way to accelerate your career path through career exploration and cultivation.
By interning abroad you are beginning on the Path to Personal and Professional Excellence. In addition to test-driving a potential career avenue through a customized internship placement overseas, our program has been developed to give you the best career development training and resources as you prepare for a meaningful and successful career.
Whether it is through our pre-departure orientation materials and resources, onsite during our Workplace and Culture Orientation, you will have access to a wealth of information to help you take charge of planning your professional future.
One of the best outcomes from spending time interning abroad is the opportunity for personal development and awareness. Understanding your unique passions, interests, character, and natural abilities can help save valuable time and money as you begin your professional career. By stepping outside your comfort zone and into new surroundings, you will have the chance for self-reflection and the opportunity to unlock abilities that you never realized you had.
Why Argentina?
Argentina is the perfect place to do an internship. Here, you can gain first practical experience in a Latin American market that offers a broad variety of industries and high economic potential.  It is also one of the most exciting countries in the world. You will be fascinated not only by its incredible landscapes like glaciers, waterfalls and deserts but also by the overwhelming Argentine hospitality and lifestyle.
You find everything that people love about South America – Argentina connects European influence with Latin vibes. As the social disparities are smaller than in the neighbouring countries, you definitely feel comfortable even when travelling alone.  Combine your internship with learning Spanish and experience an unforgettable stay in South America!
The Value of Interning Abroad
You should certainly participate in a domestic internship, but that may not be enough to complete in a global economy where companies work with international clients, have global operations, and employ a diverse work forces made up of people from many different cultures.
That is why more students are looking to intern abroad as they seek out opportunities to gain international work experience to complement their domestic internship experience.  Interning abroad can be a great alternative to more traditional types of study abroad. They can be shorter, less expensive, easier to work into degree programs, and offer both cultural immersion and work experience into one program. Far fewer students participate in international internships, giving you a unique experience to help you stand out from other graduates.
Since working overseas also presents unique challenges and pushes you outside of your comfort zone, it can also be a great way to grow your soft skills.
Problem solving, communication, taking initiative, self-confidence, and adaptability are just a few of the skills that students who study or intern abroad indicate they gained through participation.  The good news is that these skills match the top skills that employers say graduates are lacking when entering their professional careers. Soft skills are sought after because they are harder to teach and are often best developed through experience. Through your international internship program you will experience distinctive learning opportunities and challenges that will give you concrete examples of ways you developed these skills during your program.