Personal Fit Internship Program: We organize internships in all areas and take in consideration the specialization within the applicant studies. Combine the internship with an unforgettable stay in Argentina, learning Spanish and discovering this amazing country culture.


Description and Requirement

Studies and practical experience: If the intern have gained already some experience or knowledge we will gladly take this qualification into consideration when organizing the internship position. We will evaluate the correlation between the studies and/or work experience and the placement the intern is requesting

Spanish skills: An appropriate level of skills in Spanish is necessary in order to be successfully integrated into the Argentine company and society.

Studies: University student or graduated

Duration: Experience has shown that interns need some time to integrate themselves into the company. That’s why we consider internships ideal that last 2 months or longer.

Credits: University requirements considered.

Minimum Age: 18 years

Health Insurance: Evidence of health insurance to cover accidents, illness, etc. while performing the internship

Nationality: Our programs are available to all nationalities.

Deadlines: The participant can register at any time and will receive the first internship offer within 8 weeks. In urgent cases, we offer within 5 weeks.


Placement Process

1) Fill out the registration form

2) The intern shall pay the fee.

3) In about 5 or 8 weeks the intern will get at least two internship offers with all internship and company details.


If intern is happy with one of the offers, will sign the internship contract. Having accepted the internship, the intern is also free to book a language course and accommodation, if needed.  In the very rare case that we were not able to find a suitable internship, the fee will be refunded 100%. The organization fee will only be charged if the intern accept an offered internship.


Conversational Interview

Once we have received the complete application, we will conduct a short Skype interview with the intern to discuss the program and the expectations, answer the intern questions. Following a successful interview, we will formally accept the participant to the program and start the placement process. 


After reviewing the resume and conducting a skype interview, we will have a solid understanding of the intern strengths and professional interests. Based on this information, we will begin contacting suitable, potential host companies. The placement process can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks after acceptance into the program. The intern resume and previous experience coupled with each employer’s respective schedule often dictates how quickly a position can be found.



Once an internship has been confirmed and approximately a month before the internships start date, the participant will receive a pre-departure packet covering details related to the working experience. Topics will include program dates, what to bring, travel specifics, an introduction to the Argentinean workplace and many other important points related to the intern stay in Argentina.


Before beginning the internship in Argentina, a representative will conduct an orientation seminar on the Argentinean workplace, provide information about Argentina and make the first introduction to the host company.


Internship Positions

Tasks for interns are as diverse as the companies and the participants. Some companies will expect interns to work independently, while others prefer to supervise their work closely. Although it will be the intern responsibility to negotiate your direct work conditions, we will try to assist the intern whenever possible. The intern resume will be sent to several companies in the field. The intern will be notified of the placement approximately 2 weeks prior to the program start date. In addition to gaining professional experience, the intern will have a firsthand opportunity to be a part of Argentinean culture and dramatically improve the language skills. Even if the internship itself is not exactly what participant imagined it would be, the participant will return home with invaluable personal and professional experiences.


Start Date and Duration

Internships normally begin on a Monday and end on a Friday, lasting for approximately 12 weeks. The interns are expected to apply at least 8 weeks prior to the participant desired program start date. Programs are usually 12 weeks long, but it may be possible to have a slightly shorter internship.


Health Insurance

To ensure that all intern are covered throughout the duration of their internship. The intern must provide proof of health insurance enrollment.


Worker's Compensation Laws - ART (Aseguradora del Riesgo del Trabajo)

Worker Compensation insurance is required by law in Argentina, interns are eligible for the same coverage as full-time employees. Worker's comp is not health insurance coverage; it is accident, accidental death, and job injury/illness safeguard insurance. 


Remunerated internships

In Argentina the majority of internships offered to foreigners are unfortunately unpaid. The reason for this is that paid internships are considered to be regular work places – and those require a work visa. Applying for such a visa is not only a complicated procedure but also time and money consuming. Hence, most companies are not willing to offer paid internships to foreigners.


English language in Argentina

Only very few people speak and understand English in Argentina. Having good Spanish skills is therefore a very important prerequisite for a successful internship. Since we organize only high quality internships, we need to guarantee to the companies that the interns dispose of the required Spanish level. Accordingly, we will take care that the intern will be able to communicate in the company and that he/she will be able to understand his/her superiors and colleagues.



We arrange for interns to live with an Argentinean homestay or in a student residence. Intern should recognize that a certain degree of flexibility would be necessary to adjust to Argentinean customs and way of life, as well as to adjust to the difference of living standards that exists between intern´s home country and Argentina.


Workplace and Culture Orientation

We understand that going overseas for an international internship can be an exciting but overwhelming undertaking. To ensure that our interns are prepared for this intensive academic and career experience, we have developed a special internship orientation program to ease the transition into the Argentina Culture.


Department of Immigration - Visa Extension:


If the participant stays, more than 12 weeks (90 days) need to pay 80 USD for an extension of other 12 weeks. In case, the participant likes to stay longer than 24 weeks need to go out of the country and then re-entry.

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