Program Introduction


This program is designed to help students expand their business vocabulary, immerse themselves linguistically and professionally in a new culture, and gain practical experience on the job. After an intensive session to build vocabulary, conversational skills and intercultural communication of 312 clock hours, students begin an internship of 200/240 clock hours of on-site work.


While the internship is considered part-time by academic standards, students will feel like a full-time intern during the second half of the program, with hands-on internship work. The internship is complemented by a research project, and weekly seminars on topics such as public speaking, culture and leadership.  This course is recommended for serious students who want to make the most of their time abroad to achieve a good language level in Spanish. This is a very intense program and students have to study hard and do homework every day, so please make sure you understand this well. 


The 15 weeks course is divided in two main section:  Section 1 – Spanish: Business and Culture (1-7 weeks)                     

                                                                                               Section 2 – Internship Seminar (8-15 weeks)

General Information

  • Start program date: August 01, 2020

  • End program date: November 14, 2020

  • Vacancies Limited to: 15 

  • Documents shall be submitted: Application period is from August 1st, 2019 to March 1st 2020

  • The deadline for the applications is: March 1st, 2020. 

  • 15-week program with a total of 512 clock hours                                                                                                                           

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Students benefit from the expertise, mentorship, networks, and support of numerous faculty and staff based in the Córdoba, Argentina.


Course Description 

Business and Culture is an intensive course for developing communication skills in Spanish for business purposes.  Emphasis is on language skills for the global marketplace: Specialized terminology, writing, and comprehension of cultural nuances in the Spanish-speaking business world.


Content-based Course

As this is a content-based course, part of a student’s final grade will reflect his/her linguistic improvement throughout the course, as well as his/her comprehension of the business related topics discussed in the course. Students are expected to attend class and participate in class discussions and in small-group activities to fully benefit from the course. Evaluation will take the form of individual written projects, oral presentations, a final group project, in-class quizzes, homework preparation and participation. This syllabus represents a recent term. Because courses develop and change over time to take advantage of unique learning opportunities, actual course content varies from term to term.


Learning Objectives


At the end of the Business Spanish and Culture Course students will be able to:


- Be more aware of Hispanic attitudes and values and their impact on business relationships.

- Interact more confidently when visiting Spanish speaking-countries or dealing with Spanish-speaking nationals.

- Develop basic skills to deal with people in business situations

- Expand vocabulary related to general business situations

- Develop confidence to deal with people and basic issues in the business world

- Feel and appear more confident at any job interview that involves talking in Spanish.

- Pimp up your CV and improve the students chances of getting a job in a company with Spanish business connections.

- Recognize and describe the cultural forces (history, social values, economic practices, and politics) that-shape the professional practices 

INTERNSHIP - SEMINAR   (From week 8 - 15)


Seminar Description

This seminar aims to complement students’ immersion in the Spanish professional working environment.(8-week). Students will learn how to observe, interact with co-workers, recognize cultural differences, compare teamwork and interpersonal interactions in different cultures, apply academic knowledge in a professional setting, and to identify opportunities to create value within the company.


Learning Objectives

At the end of the Internship Seminar, students will be able to:


- Identify and improve personal skills

- Improve intercultural skills

- Identify and analyze cultural dimensions in organizational behavior and professional settings

- Compare teamwork and interpersonal interactions in different cultures

- Perceive and value diversity and reinterpret the place of the self as an identity culturally situated in the global context.

- Integrate critical thinking in cross-cultural debates

- Develop empathetic understanding and awareness of ethical issues to adopt in cross-cultural settings

- Relate the internship experience to lifelong learning and career development

- Strengthen relationships with Spanish-speaking colleagues and clients, showing a true interest in the Spanish language and culture.



The institution is located in downtown Córdoba and was founded in 2005 to promote intercultural learning experiences and bring global cultures together where participants develop new skills and gain a broader perspective on the world.   Onix Foundation is committed to providing the best comprehensive study abroad experience possible with personal attention available to our students throughout his or her program.

About us:



Pre- Arrival Orientation and Spanish Test

Welcome package

Airport transfer from the Airport to the Homestay

Orientation in Argentina

Guided orientation walk tour

312 clock hours of Business Spanish & Cultural

200/240 clock hours of Internship

Communicative language teaching focuses on interaction


Argentinean Wine tasting

Seminar on Cross-cultural studies

Seminar on Argentine History

Seminar on culture of Argentina

Seminar on different American Countries and Spain  

Seminar on Argentine Music (Tango) and Dance Class

Reflection - Critical Thinking Activities

Tutoring Session

Theatre Art and Spanish as Learning Tools in Business Education

Guest Speakers

Field visits - Consulate - Companies - Government - NGOs 

Free Internet access - WI FI

Audio and video rooms

Free coffee, tea and refrigerated water

Accommodation shared or private room in Homestay

Half-Board – Breakfast and Dinner

Time Schedule: mornings and afternoons

​Study materials

All tests during the course and end of course exam

Certification 24-hour emergency phone line

Local mentor & Internship Tutoring 

All administrative and registration fees, tax and civil liability insurance




Homestay Students live in private homes for maximum immersion in Argentine culture. Hosts include families with children, single professionals, young couples, and older couples with grown children. Hosts provides breakfast and dinner per day. Students can prepare other meals at home, or eat at restaurants and cafés.  


The homestay is an integral part of this program experience. During your homestay, the student will become a member of a local family, sharing meals with them, joining them for special occasions, talking with them in their language, and experiencing the host country through their eyes. Homestay placements are arranged by Horacio Brites, Student Affairs Coordinator who carefully screens and approves each family. Students frequently cite the homestay as the highlight of their program

Please visit: Homestay click here


THE PROGRAM DOES NOT INCLUDE:  All roundtrip Airfare - Personal expenses - Personal travels and transfers during and outside of program dates - Laundry service -Entertainment expenses including beverages and personal purchases - Expenses for medical and other emergencies - Urban transport -Health insurance - Visa fees - Departure Airport transfer.

Details and Requirements                                                                                                                                                Application Download 

- Minimum Spanish level A2 (Beginners+)

- Letter of intent and Curriculum vitae

- Recommendation letter (only 1, submitted by a professor, advisor,employere or supervisor)

- Submit the application (Download Word docx Application)

- All submissions must be emailed to



For students who have passed the final Business Spanish & Culture + Internship evaluations we will, if required, send certification of marks and diplomas directly to their university, which is usually enough to transfer credits. The classes in groups have a duration of 60 minutes and private classes last 40 minutes in case the student needs academic extra help.  


15-week program with a total of 512 clock hours

Business Spanish and Culture + Tutoring: 
15-week course the student will have 212 clock hours

Internship + Work project 
8-week internship – Service Learning the intern will have 200/240 clock hours.


Field visits + Seminar + Cultural activities + Review & Reflection + Orientation
 15-week course the student will have 100 clock hours

Courses develop and change over time to take advantage of unique learning opportunities, actual course content varies from term to term.



Priority Deadline: 1 December 2019. Applications will remain open until program is filled. If spots remain open, the final deadline is anticipated to be 1 February 2020.  Students will be notified via e-mail of their acceptance into the program.  



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For more information please contact Dr. Carlos Giavay Waiss a   

Onix-Intercambio Cultural Foundation  is a  non-profit organization
Accreditation in Argentina