Spanish-On with Onix Foundation to Support Students for a Successful Culture Immersion Journey



Learn Spanish online before you go!!!

At Onix Foundation we want our students to be able to integrate into the local community as soon as possible. The language barrier can at times be an issue and for this reason learning some basic Spanish or improving upon an elementary level of Spanish can make the integration process easier.

Spanish-On provides online courses for absolute beginners up to an upper intermediary level. The courses are engaging and enjoyable, so if you’re considering learning or improving your Spanish before embarking upon your volunteer adventure, why not give them a go?

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Learn & Travel to Argentina Discount

Through the establishment of this partnership, Onix Foundation and Spanish-On will work together to help aspiring students succeed in Onix education and immersion programs in Argentina. Through Onix, Spanish-On alumni can spend time abroad learning Spanish & Culture from a global perspective.  Spanish-On alumni can enroll in Onix’s Spanish Immersion programs at a discount.

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Beginner Bundle                                     Spanish: Beginner I             Spanish: Intermediate I  

Intermediate Bundle                              Spanish: Beginner II            Spanish: Intermediate II

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