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Accreditation in Argentina
Teaching and Training 
Program Overview
Argentine Culture Institute offers teaching positions for university students and graduates looking to share their language and culture while immersing themselves in new community.
The Teaching Assistant Program's goals are to develop and demonstrate intercultural communication competency through practical experience, comparative analysis of interpersonal communication patterns in two cultures, to encourage mutual understanding as well as international, educational/cultural exchange and identify current educational issues, learn about similarities and differences in education among countries.
Teacher assistants play an integral role in the schools of Córdoba, City. They provide instructional and other direct services to students under the supervision and direction of the classroom teacher or other certified professional staff.  This Program offers the opportunity to volunteer in Argentina for 2 to 7 months, teaching English, Math, Geography, Physical Education, computer, music and more to Argentine students of all ages.
Teaching in Argentina is an opportunity to experience another culture and see this country in a way no tourist can. It’s a chance to meet people, share ideas, and forge lasting friendships. And, it’s the jumping-off point for an international adventure of travel, cultural exchange, and personal enrichment unlike any other. Doing an internship in teach is an important start in your career as a teacher, introducing you to the field first hand.
Teaching is an ongoing task that affects the students’ life as well as the teachers’. This Program is a unique way of sharing educational experiences with locals, getting to know their culture and way of living as they learn about yours. Generally, no prior teaching experience is necessary to register in these programs.  When you teach overseas, you’re doing much more than visiting another country. You’re becoming an educator – a productive, contributing member of that society.
Teaching abroad is a smart investment in your future. If your career path leads to education, it will give you a solid résumé. For a midcareer professional, it can be a break from the routine that reinvigorates you.  Benefits extend beyond the teaching profession. Employers of all kinds put a high value on international work experience.
Primary Responsibilities 
At your workplace, you'll probably start with basic tasks in a variety of field of teaching. You'll be responsible for one or more of the following tasks depending on your abilities:
-Assist in the didactic and creative part of preparing classes
-Develop games and activities of integration during lessons
-Assist in classes
-Organize educational activities for the students.
-Structure exams
-Collaborate in the evaluation of exams
-Give presentations
-Administrative tasks
-Give private classes
Work Schedule
This position requires a minimum time commitment of 20 hours per week.
Internship Period
Minimum commitment: 8 weeks. Please contact us for holiday’s information.
Type of Schools
Public, subsidized or private school, where you'll work with students for about 20-25 hours per week. You'll also spend about 5-10 hours each week on lesson planning, extracurricular activities and other tasks outside of the classroom.
Program are available at Preschool, elementary or secondary school level.
Public School Program information:  Click here
Preschool: Children aged 3-4 years old. Assistant leads oral activities with small groups, or works alongside the teacher with the entire class present. Good level of Spanish required.
Elementary School: Children aged 5-12 years old. Assistant leads oral activities with small groups, or works alongside the teacher with the entire class present.  Very good level of French required.
Secondary School: Students aged 13-18 years old. Assistant serves as a resource person in conversation groups, provides small group tutorials, or works alongside the teacher with the entire class present. Proficient level of Spanish required.
Area to volunteer:
-Teach Languages and other subjets
-Teaching Computer Skills  
-Teach Music
-Teach Phisical Education