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We specializes in creating customized and faculty-led programs  in collaboration with university faculty 


We will work closely with you to develop and implement a customized program that is tailored to your specific needs

We design in collaboration with you, so let us know what you’re dreaming up and we will evaluate feasibility. Onix-Intercambio Cutural is a full-service provider, meaning we offer accommodations, safety management, transportation, cultural activities, academic coordination, logistics, excursions, and so much more


Experience sharing from Natalie Stanford Summer Service Learning Program 

Getting ready to go: “This summer I am participating in the Stanford Summer Service Learning Program (SSLP). Eight of us are going to Argentina for five weeks to work on the water sanitation system in
Córdoba. Argentina is considered one of the more developed countries in
Latin America, but the population size has outgrown the sewage system.

As you can imagine, there are flooding and sanitation issues. Our group is looking at developingsolutions in partnership with the local government and universities.

To prepare we took a class that immersed us in Argentinean culture and the problem at hand....

Read More (PDF)

Image by Mike Swigunski

Faculty-Led & Custom Programs

No matter what your academic focus, Onix-Intercambio Cultural has the resources and infrastructure to help you develop an outstanding faculty-led program that brings the students curriculum to life.



Argentina is your classroom. 

Our mission is to empower educators to introduce their students to Argentina beyond the classroom and inspire the next generation of global citizens.

 We are ready to help you develop your next customized or faculty-led program.

We can even “add-on” service learning, internships, or have your customized program feed into one of our semester programs. 


Meeting with the Minister

of the Environment

Ministry of Environment of Córdoba


Reflection Session

Reflection is a central element of student formation at Onix-Intercambio Cultural


Global Engineering Programs

Service-learning Standford Univiersity

Summer Service Learning Program (SSLP) is a unique opportunity for Engineering students to work on a significant project that supports an international developing community. Students will work on small teams with locals to address a community-requested problem space.  During this course, and the five weeks in the field, students will help to define the project that they think will address the issues they target and work towards an actionable end product or goal.

Example Project 

Argentina: Building the Capacity of Relevando Peligros with New Resources (PDF)

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