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Argentina is one of the jewels in the Latin American crown

A vast country stretching 3,500 kilometres from the Bolivian border in the north to Ushuaia and the gateway to Antarctica in the south, it is a place that offers some of the most impressive natural wonders anywhere on earth. It has a world-class tourist infrastructure, with arguably the best cuisine on the continent, and it is safe. But its not just that that makes a trip to Argentina feel so special. The country simply has a redoubtable spirit unlike any other in the region.

Imagine a Country that has everything

Although Argentina may not have the level indigenous cultural traditions that Bolivia and Peru enjoy; although it might not have the beaches, colour and sheer razzmatazz that Brazil can boast, Argentina does have a plethora of sites and experiences with which to seduce the visitor. With its dramatic Patagonian steppes, its extraordinary glaciers, its colourful mountains and deserts, its lakes and its coast, Argentina’s landscapes are second to none. Its wildlife is impressive and varied, its cuisine is world class and in its cultured, cosmopolitan capital city, it has one of the most fun metropolises anywhere on the planet.

25 Cool Facts About Argentina

Argentina is a well-known South American nation with a relatively short history but a very rich and interesting culture. Its impressive, cosmopolitan capital, Buenos Aires, is centered on the sixteenth-century Plaza de Mayo, lined with stately buildings including the Casa Rosada, the iconic, balconied presidential palace. The country is widely known for the tango, elegant architecture, steak, wine, and soccer, while some of the most legendary figures of the twentieth century came from Argentina, including Eva Perón, Che Guevara, and Diego Armando Maradona.

12 places in Córdoba-Argentina 


In this video we are going to show you everything you can do in this incredible province. We are going to visit places such as the Jesuit estancias, Pueblo Escondido, the city of Córdoba, Capilla del Monte, Villa Carlos Paz, the path of high peaks, the Champaqui hill, the Salinas Grandes, Los Gigantes, the Taninga tunnels, Calamuchita, the lagoon. Mar Chiquita, among others.

Argentina is diversity 

Argentina is viewed as one of the most progressive countries in Latin American

Argentina - 6 things I love about it

Argentina y argentinos: una brasileña explicando porque ama a Argentina

The art of the kiss

Learn how to greet like an Argentine with this instructional videoI take you into Buller Pub to show 7 different tactics to help you give a salutation like a townie! I also explain some of the mistakes I have made and some things you just shouldn't do!

Turists in Argentina 

Tourist interview

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