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Customized Internship Programs

Onix-Intercambio Cultural develops high-quality internship programs that are both comprehensive and customized to fit the needs of our academic partners.

We collaborate with each partner to develop a program that combines these elements in ways that help each student pursue his or her career and academic aspirations.

Academic Component


Our programs are academically directed, designed in collaboration with each university partner with an emphasis on academic relevance and value to students. Each program may include classroom or online learning that complements the work placement.

Onix-Intercambio Cultural provides comprehensive internship programs that encompass cultural, academic, and professional development experiences, aligned with each partner’s goals. We cover all the details, enabling institutions to expand their reach and provide rich student internship opportunities, without having to add staff and resources.

Comprehensive Programs

Work Placements

Work placements within our extensive network of employers across a broad range of fields—from marketing, journalism, and the arts to politics, healthcare, and education. Each placement is made with great care and considerable effort to align with the individual student’s career and academic goals.

Onix-Intercambio Cultural has dedicated full-time staff in Córdoba with extensive local knowledge and networks, gained through 15 years of experience, enabling us to provide the necessary support for the success of your internship program. 

Professional Development Opportunities

Onix-Intercambio Cultural works with academic partners to create programs that combine

Academic components that complement and add value to students’ work experiences, within their field of study.

Housing Options. We offer a range of options from dormitories to private/shared apartments and host families. We work hard to make sure participant housing is safe, clean, culturally-appropriate. We also make sure that housing options satisfy our value of cultural immersion so participants have an authentic experience abroad and really get a taste for a new culture. 

Professional development opportunities, including informational interviews, skills-based workshops, and professional networking activities.

Cross-cultural coaching to help ease students’ integration into the city and local workforce, as well as with their internship cohort. Local support and guidance to help students make the most of their internship opportunities.

Local teams assist students and provide 24-hour emergency support.

We look forward to partnering with your institution to develop an internship program that helps students achieve personal growth and competitive advantage in the global workforce.

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