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Tutoring Center

Social Intelligence

Experiential Education

Soft Skills 

Cultural Intelligence

Intercultural Competence

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One-on-one tutoring

Appointments are 50-minute sessions with a trained peer tutor. Together, you and your tutor focus on your specific concerns. 

Small group tutoring

Group appointments are weekly 50-minute sessions with a trained peer tutor. Groups can include as few as two and as many as five students. 

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Learning by doing has been a tenet of the our program since the school’s inception in 2005. Onix-Intercambio Cultural has since put a great deal of effort into refining its approach to experiential education.

 Experiential learning to inspire socially responsible individuals ready for a diverse and changing world.


Openness to new experiences, cultures, languages, and people can provide a unique opportunity to learn the skills that will help students in both personal and professional life.  .

Our team are passionate about skills development and believe in empowering all young people to reach their potential. 

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Our Program provide individuals with a core multicultural competency framework that they can use while traveling and interacting abroad. Effective preparation will help students benefit from their study abroad in ways that will change their life and make them more effective in multicultural situations – both domestically and internationally

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