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Scholarships 2022
Opening the Way to Study in Argentina

Explore our organization’s variety of different scholarships & courses to help you with your study abroad expenses.

Learn Spanish in Argentina and experience an exciting trip overseas while greatly improving your linguistic skills.

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The preterite is a form of the verb that is used to talk about actions that were completed in the past in Spanish. It often corresponds to the simple past in English, as in I bought a new bike; Mary went to the shops on Friday; I typed two reports yesterday.

You may have heard that the subjunctive conjugation in Spanish has many rules—however, once you get the clear meaning behind them, you won’t need to memorize long lists of fixed phrases again. 

Today, we’ll learn how to build the subjunctive form for useful verbs in Spanish. You’ll also get to know which elements are required to use the subjunctive mood in a sentence.

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These classes are a great opportunity to practice Spanish and to meet new friends from all over the world who are learning Spanish as well.

One of the natural outcomes of being versed in another language is immersing yourself in that culture. 

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Check out our online partial and full scholarship programs. There are scholarship opportunities for everyone and the list continues to grow. Subscribe to receive more information on new scholarship and application processes.

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The Spanish language is indisputably relevant in the world today. Spanish-speakers comprise a significant part of the population, both nationally and regionally. Bilingualism has become an in-demand skill for many careers.

Café y Libro

This is a special small group for teachers and advanced learners who would like to improve their language skills through literature.

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The Municipal Internship Program presents an opportunity for students to combine their academic studies with hands-on professional practice. 

Full Scholarship covers 100% of the tuition fees.

Our mission is to make study abroad

accessible to anyone who wants it

Let the world change you!

Practice your Spanish by reading Carlos' blog when he was an exchange Student in Alaska.

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As a non-profit organization, our mission is to break down financial and academic barriers to make study abroad accessible for all.  

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